Cartoon illustration of SARs-CoV-2 virus
‘Cuddly’ SARs-CoV-2 virus

“Basic notes: Staying safe from Sars-CoV-2 virus and why the exposure controls work Version 5, 26th April 2021”



“Please Share this information.

You’ll see, in Version 5, that SARs-CoV-2 exposure controls reduce to something very simple: Good effective ventilation, physical distancing, wearing face-masks and wearing respirators if highly/continuously exposed.

Depending on how nervous people are they can:

  1. Meet outside with masks which is more-or-less absolutely safe.
  2. They can meet outside which is more-or-less completely safe.
  3. Or they can meet inside with through-flow ventilation and some physical distancing (and face-masks?) which is quite safe.

My advice on ventilation is summarised in this song by Katy Bennett our Moseley Voices (MoVo) choir leader ‘When The WInd Blows’ by Katy Rose Bennett – Acappella – YouTube

There’s more detail in my Guidance but I’ve realised several things about how best to Share this information:

  1. To ‘prove’ my bona-fides whoever receives and wants to use my Guidance needs to see it’s provenance i.e. they need to see clearly that it’s published on the British Occupational Hygiene Society’s (BOHS) Website and has had some sort of peer-review. See page 37 of Version 5 = “Acknowledgements”.
  2. They also need to see two links.
  3. One to the BOHS Members Perspectives Page Member Perspectives – British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) (which contains Guidance Versions 1 and 5).
  4. The second to the actual Guidance Version 5  Staying-safe-from-Sars-CoV-2-virus-and-why-the-exposure-controls-work.pdf (kinstacdn.com).
  5. Originally, I’d thought it best to circulate only the one link direct to the Version 5 guidance pdf. For many, especially if they live in other countries, they have no idea who I am and whether what I am saying is kosher. Those people need to see both links. At some level they have to take me on trust, but it helps if there’s a clear evidence trail back to the BOHS.
  6. The Guidance, as far as I can see, applies anywhere in the world.
  7. The only thing that’s missing is the advice for people not to bath in rivers and water sources which may be contaminated with human excrement. SARs-CoV-2 can be transmitted via faeces. So, for instance, it’s quite possible people bathing in contaminated rivers or other water sources, are being infected via inadvertently drinking a bit of water or possible by infection through their eyeballs.
  8. I am not a Twitter person but if you are, or know someone who Tweets, if that someone could Twitter a bit about how useful the Guidance is, giving both links that would be great. I might even start to Tweet myself!

Please do Share this information with your friends especially if they live in countries still affected by poor SARs-CoV-2 transmission exposure control measures (see Guidance Version 5).

Thanks for your help.


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